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Crawfish 4 Kids is an 18-acre retreat located in Coldspring, TX (only 1.5 hours from the Houston area). Any child or youth looking to discover who they were created to be in Christ has the opportunity to experience Crawfish 4 Kids; families are welcome to attend together. The retreat is a place to un-plug from technological devices, fish, swim, be hands-on with the animals and gardening, ride horses, enjoy bon-fires, camp-outs, great food and fellowship. In each of these things, there are encoutners with Christ awaiting. Along with these experiences, through worship and loving conversations, our licensed pastors and volunteers help kids and families discover freedom, identity, and purpose for their lives.

Crawfish 4 Kids is different from other camps in that there is very minimal cost (if any) for kids in need to attend. This is made possible through generous donations, like yours.


The land is in the final stages of preparation: building the retreat cabin, worship/gameroom/common area, boys & girls bunkhouses, swimming pool, and garden. We are looking to partner with other companies like Cornerstone Roofing, as well as individual donors that have a heart to see the next generation find freedom and discover who they are in Christ. With your financial support, a child’s life can be impacted for eternity. We also host various fundraisers for children and families throughout the year, which everyone is invited to be a part of. If your ministry is interested in hosting an event here or partnering with C4K, we would love to talk with you.

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